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Marathon Relay

The Relay Marathon consists of running the 42.195km of the classic marathon alongside marathon runners…but in a team, by dividing up the distances!

Each team must be made up of 3 runners who will cover the different sections of the route on offer: the first one will run around 7,4 km, the second 18.4 km and the third one 16,4 km.

A great opportunity to share the effort and the joys of competing with friends and/or family, whatever your level.

2020 route is coming soon.

Registration in 3 stages

It couldn’t be easier to register: 

  1. The team designates its leader, who registers on the time to platform.
  2. The leader fills in the team name and chooses a password which he passes on to his two team mates.
  3. The team mates register in turn on the platform.

N.B.: the leader must indicate a target time when he registers to be placed in the right starting area on Race Day!

Be careful to talk to each other: each relay runner must have a different distance!

Advantage for the first entrants.


Your registration will entitle you to:

  • Training guides & plans to prepare your race in the best way
  • Training sessions with qualified coaches
  • A connected app to support you from now until Race Day
  • A technical t-shirt
  • A race number allowing you to be timed and run with the other teams
  • Refreshments and a medal when you finish your race

The route

During the relay points, the route will be divided between the relay runners (on the right) and the marathon runners (on the left).  Volunteers will also be present to remind relay runners to remain on the part of the route which is reserved for them.

The relay is split up as follows:

  • 1st relay: 7,4 kilometres
    Start: Esplanade du J4 – MUCEM
    Finish: Place du Général de Gaulle
  • 2nd relay: 18,4 kilometres
    Start: Place du Général de Gaulle
    Finish: Place du Général de Gaulle
  • 3rd relay: 16,4 kilometres
    Start: Place du Général de Gaulle
    Finish: Vieux-Port


Each of the 3 relay runners must wear their own number on their chest tied with 4 pins. Each of the 3 relay runners must pick up his own bib on the Village: it will allow him to be identifiable to access SAS departure and relay areas.

More details are coming soon.

Race Day

The first relay runner will set off from Esplanade du J4 – MUCEM, at the same time as the marathon runners and half-marathon runners.

The 2nd and 3rd relay runners will wait in their reserved areas on the Place du Général de Gaulle. Each time a runner arrives, his number will be announced by a volunteer, so that his team mate gets ready to take over!

The 3 relay runners will be able to cross the finish line together to make it more fun.  In order to do so, a “last relay runner waiting area” will be set up 300m from the finish at the crossroads between the Rue de la République, the Quai du Port and the Quai des Belges (in front of the La Samaritaine restaurant). The 1st and 2nd relay runners will therefore be able to position themselves in this zone to wait for the 3rd relay runner and cross the finish line together! The 3 relay runners will collect their medals after the finish line.

N.B.: none of the relay runners can cross the finish line with their bag! You must collect your personal belongings at the left-luggage facilities, Place du Général de Gaulle.

How can I go to the relay zones?

Each runner makes his own way to and from the race. Good news: there is only one and only relay zone located at Place du Général de Gaulle. This area is accessible via Metro 1 - Vieux-Port and Tramway 3 - Cours Saint-Louis. This area is mainly located less than 1.3 km from the start (Esplanade du J4 - MUCEM) and less than 500 m from the finish (Vieux-Port): everything can therefore be done on foot, and that's convenient! No excuse not to accompany the first torchbearer at the start or the last torchbearer at the finish!

What can I do with my belongings during the race?

Left-luggage facilities will be available directly at the Place du Général de Gaulle for the 3 relay runners. Tip for the 1st relay runner: leave your belongings with the 2nd or 3rd relay runner so that they can leave them directly at the left-luggage facilities on Place du Général de Gaulle. This will avoid them from having to go there before setting off on the Esplanade du J4 – MUCEM!