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“Run In” is more than just a race, it's a concept. A little like a work of contemporary art, but much easier to understand. “Run In” is a Festival of Running which takes place in the most beautiful cities in France and offers several routes so that everyone can join in the festivities. Simple!

Exceptional cities

If you're going to run, you might as well do it somewhere worth visiting. “Run In” takes place in spectacular cities, full of history and culture. Fancy visiting a museum before the race? It is a thoroughly approved method of relaxing!

Given its standing, it was perfectly natural for Marseille to find its place in the “Run In” series in 2014. The series began in Lyon in 2013, and Reims also joined us this year. “Run In” takes on the name of the city hosting the event: Run In Marseille, Run In Lyon, Run In Reims... you get the picture.

Whether you live in the area or are coming from further afield, “Run In” is an opportunity to discover or rediscover these cities. At running pace perhaps, but around a circuit which has been specially reserved for you.

Five routes for all types of runners

The other characteristic about “Run In” is that it has been designed as an event which is open to all. Whether you are a fanatic who trains even when you are on holiday or a more relaxed jogger who sees running as a way of fitting into the jeans from your youth, there is space for everyone here!

Five routes have been designed to respond to the needs (and abilities) of all: a 6km, a 10km, a Half-Marathon, a Marathon and a Relay Marathon. So, there's really no excuse (for your family and friends either) not to join in the fun on Sunday 12th April for the 7th edition of Run In Marseille by Harmonie Mutuelle!

All that remains is to sign up and reserve a boat for a little post-race trip around the Calanques. We’re waiting for you!

The Run In Marseille by Harmonie Mutuelle team.